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Loan Products

The NCEFCU offers a wide variety of loans. You made need a personal loan for car repairs, to pay taxes, medical expenses or take a vacation. When it is time to purchase a new vehicle, the credit union offers excellent rates with a variety of terms. Currently we offer the following:

- New and Used Vehicles
- New and Used Boats
- New and Used Motorcycles
- New and Used Recreational Vehicles - Campers - Snowmobiles- ATVs

Members are eligible for a Signature (unsecured) Loan after 6 months of membership, and eligible for a Collateralized (secured) Loan after 3 months of membership. If a new member makes a request to waive the waiting period, the Credit Committee will review this request and deny or approve. The Credit Committee will notify the Board of all waivers granted.

After 6 months of membership, each member is eligible for one or more unsecured loans up to a maximum of $20,000, ($50,000 total maximum amount to include Secured and Unsecured loans), as long as all the loaning criteria is met. Loaning criteria include ability to repay, proof of income, and 52% or lower debt ratio. See the new loan rate schedule for Signature (unsecured) & Collateralized (secured) loans. Any request made to exceed these amounts will require Credit Committee and Board approval. Board denial or approval is final.

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